Why use a pen, when you could use a TANK?!

Calling all 510 vape lovers!

Introducing the BBTank Key Box Pro 510 cartridge battery.

Have you ever wished your 510 vape pen had a longer battery life? Have you ever accidentally dropped your 510 pen and the cartridge broke? Do you wish you could adjust the voltage? Do you wish you knew how much battery power your vape had left?

Look no further than the BBtank Key Box Pro. With a 650mAH battery and an open/close protective housing you will be vaping for double the time and have the piece of mind to know your cart is protected whether it be in your pocket, purse or wherever you decide to stash it!

The Key Box Pro also boasts a small OLED screen and an adjustable ultra-wide voltage setting ranging from 2.6V – 4.8V.

With overcharge, smoking, over temperature, and charging protection, what’s not to love about this tiny TANK?

Pick up this amazing battery today at an even more amazing price! (click the picture above for more details)